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    Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom has backed the U.K. challenger bank Monzo

    Monzo, one of a number of “challenger” banks in the U.K. aiming to re-invent the current account, is assembling quite an array of backers, many with a U.S. bent. Its most recent round, which gave...

    Google Lens in the Assistant starts rolling out to all Pixel users

    We knew this was only a matter of time, but Google today confirmed that Google Lens as part of the Google Assistant is now rolling out to all Pixel phone owners. That’s something Google...

    Raden is betting sticker mania will stick in the physical world

    While smart suitcase startup Raden is inarguably a hardware company, they’ve decided to test the social waters by diving headfirst into the world of stickers. The company is launching a sticker store in their mobile...

    You can virtually inhabit Toyota’s new humanoid robot

    Toyota has a new, third-generation humanoid robot bears the charming name “T-HR3” and is designed to be a helpful and safe assistant to humans. It also features a so-called “master maneuvering systems,” which is...

    ADAY aims to simplify your wardrobe with $2M in funding

    ADAY, a fresh entrant in the highly competitive world of direct-to-consumer fashion, has raised $2 million in new funding for its mission to simplify wardrobes with a line of durable, technical and chic womenswear. The...

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