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    Sonos One users can now ask Alexa to play Spotify music

    In October, Sonos launched the Sonos One, raising the bar on what is already the gold standard in wireless whole-home audio. The big new feature? An integrated microphone that added support for Amazon’s Alexa. However,...

    New Venzee tool brings data transformation and validation to your blockchain project

    If the blockchain is going to be an immutable record, you need to start with clean data. The question is, how do you get clean data into a blockchain database to begin with. It’s...

    Salesforce appoints Bret Taylor as chief product officer

    Salesforce has named Bret Taylor, the former chief technology officer at Facebook and founder of Quip, as president and chief product officer. Taylor first joined Salesforce in 2016, when Salesforce acquired word processing app Quip...

    Amazon’s all-new Echo goes (RED) for a limited time

    The new Echo is a better looking device than its predecessor, thanks in large part to its various fabric coverings. Now, there’s a new option for the outer shell: A PRODUCT(RED) special limited edition....

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